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  1. I had an amazing “wake up”call at an EKR workshop in the late 80″s. I experienced many of the ” magic of Kubler-Ross ” in my spiritual life, even at her funeral ( as she promised). It was very validating to hear you on coasttocoast. I would love to talk to you or e-mail you for possible answers to experiences I still have no 3D answers for even now,\. Thank you for putting this work out there.
    Jo Ellen
    ps Elisabeth told me I cross your path

  2. Could you provide a chapter synopsis somewhere? I am interested in reading more of the direction that you take Elisabeth Kubler-Ross material… Thank you.

  3. Larry Masterson

    Steve: I enjoyed listening to you on Coast 2 Coast radio tonight. I live less then one hour from Point Pleasant WV. I heard you mention that you would like to visit there sometime. I would be more then happy to assist you on your visit there if you decide to make it. I live in Chaleston and my grandmother was born and raised there. She told me many stories about the haunts and strange things that go on in Point Pleasant. Larry

  4. Dean Hollis


    Heard you on Mysterious Universe, I’m from the UK, got some experiences I would love to share.

    Please e-mail me or send me your facebook name, did try your name but nothing came up.



  5. Steve
    Thank you for a wonderful book. Your work is one of the finest examples I have ever seen of the value of being a generalist. Your examination of the polarization that prevents real discussion of so many issues which are important to human beings comes through strong and clear. I’m very impressed, and that is not easy to achieve. I’m going to write a 5 star review on GoodReads. Keep going.

    • Steve,GREAT story about EKR. I siuetdd her work when I was younger and it is an amazing body of work. Enjoyed you on Coast to Coast tonight. All the best with the book!

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